Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wednesday Part II

  • The dental visit didn't go as planned.
  • I don't have a cavity.
  • I need a root canal.
  • I need a crown after that.
  • I need a 4 quadrant deep scaling (even the sound of that HURTS - as an ex-smoker, my gums are apparently just starting to heal and it's best to get down under the gum line and get plaque out to continue healthy gums).
  • My insurance (as I found out today shockingly) is canceled Jan. 31st and we have a new plan that will now require us to pay for costs out-of-pocket and be reimbursed 90% - starting Feb. 1.
  • Needless to say...I took out a $2,800 dental loan today.'s a pity party for Tanya today! Lucky you, the day is over in a little over an hour! LOL!

The best part of my day was American Idol - what a hoot!!!

Today's daily inspiration: Throwing Stones

Goodnight, my friends. Sleep well.

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