Tuesday, February 6, 2007

$535 for a freakin' FILLING to be fixed?

JESUS CHRIST! Just give me a whole new tooth! I have to tell you that this dental issue I have gotten myself into has really given my budget a TIGHT SQUEEZE and it is ON EMPTY!

Scaling - full mouth = $1168 (as an ex smoker, it was really necessary I got this done)
Root canal = $864
Prefab post & core in addition to crown = $443
Porcelin crown = $1199
some other shit = $179

TOTAL = $3853
minus $1000 deductible
My portion = $2853 <-----reason for dental loan

NOW, they call me today and tell me that I will have to pay $535 to get this filling I have, fixed. (It's totally been acting up) - I really am beginning to think that all this TLC that I receive at this place (I need a little TLC to get Novacaine) is really costing me a small fortune!

I have all 32 of my teeth. 2 of those 32 have kicked my ass (both have fillings, one of those now has a root canal and awaiting a crown and the other one needs the filling fixed!!!)

All said and done $3300 - damn I couldda put a down payment on my Subaru WRX STi.

Well, they aren't fixing this filling, I'll tell you that much. Time to find a new dentist!

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