Friday, February 2, 2007


I was tagged by Cory!!!!

A. available/single? Nope, I live with my boyfriend.

B. Best friend? Gina (she lives in Vegas)

C. Cake or pie? Cake

D. drink of choice? COFFEE!

E. essential item you use everyday? Um, my coffeepot! Well, it's the FIRST essential item of the day, anyways! LOL!

F. favorite color? Red, then pink

G. gummy bears or worms? Ooooooooooh! Worms - as long as they are SOUR!

H. home or homesick? Hmmm....home!

I. indulgence? Dove milk chocolate!

J. January or February? February - because the 1st credit card payment from the holidays was already paid in January!

K. kill 'em with kindness or just kill 'em? GAWD how I try to kill em with kindness, but sometimes ya just gotta kill em!

L. life is incomplete without? My sweetie Paul AND my cats Smokie & Abigail!!!! (and my friends and my computer and my camera and my car and music and coffee and money...)

M. M&M's or Skittles? Seriously, I don't care for either of them!

N. number of siblings? 0 (I have 2 step sisters, but we didn't live or grow up together and they are 20 years younger than me)

O. orange or apples? Apples (Granny Smith to be exact!)

P. phobias/fears? I'm scared of the dark!

Q. favorite quote? "There are things you do because they feel right & they make no sense & they may make no money & it may be the real reason we are here: to love each other & to eat each other's cooking & say it was good." ~Brian Andreas

R. real hair color? Dark brown

S. season? I love the Fall, but Winter falls right into 2nd place!

T. Tag 3 or 4 people? Amy, Julie & Gina

U. Unknown fact about me? We'll just keep it that way! Unknown! LOL!

V. vegetable you don't like? OKRA!

W. worst habit? SPEEDING IN MY CAR!

X. x-rays you've had? spinal and dental

Y. your favorite food? Macaroni & cheese

Z. Zodiac Sign? Gemini

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