Monday, February 26, 2007

I had an epiphany today...

NO, I didn't see a divine being...although, I wish I had!

Seriously, I had an epiphany today at work. I need a new career. This coming right after a promotion that I just took, too! Man, I can't deal with human crisis's no more! I just can't take the emotional BS! I love people, don't get me wrong, but I have come to a realization that I am an emotionless block sometimes and my sympathy and empathy are OFTEN sold out. Please don't hold this against me, for I may feel better about this tomorrow. However, realistically, I am aware that the feeling is all to familiar and it too, shall return in time.

At least I see that I have to make a change. I actually had been looking down other avenues already. It involves going back to school, anyways.

I made this last night! Really loving altered art right now!!!

OK, I feel better, now. Thanks for listening!



Julie- Scrappinfoofoo said...

~HUGS~ I've been thinking a lot about changes what you did with that. :)

~*AMY*~ said...

I totally love the altered wall it to death. Wish you would come to my house and do one for me.