Thursday, March 1, 2007

Don'tcha love it when...

You are reading a book, and the author says something that you can totally relate to?

Case in point:

"...As much as we love to shop for supplies and get them organized, we eventually have to sit down and work on our pages. I've heard from many women who admit to owning thousands of dollars of supplies that sit unused and collecting dust. Those supplies are a reflection of the creativity that we allow to lie dormant within us."

-Tasra Dawson, author of Real Women Scrap.

I've been spending, spending, spending and SPENDING on supplies for scrapbooking. I can whip out an altered project once in awhile, but getting LO's done has become a nightmare for me! WHY? I cling to too much perfectionism! Perfectionism = I don't get things done! I've been trying to break free of this *perfectionistic lifestyle* for a long time and I try to be carefree and live a little! I have no clue as to when I became so uptight.

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scrappinfoofoo said...

I love her book!!! Love your little tests too...Just popping on to say HI! :)