Friday, March 23, 2007

Cat's droppin' dooce...


I've been trying to make a final decision about moving my scrapspace. I have a room that has our treadmill + exercise bike + 2 cat boxes.

Our bedroom is currently undergoing a small transformation - the 40 gallon fish tank is going bye bye, which opens up the room to move the bed to the other side of the room and put the treadmill + exercise bike in there.

Which leaves the old room where the treadmill + exercise bike used to be, for a new scrapspace. Only problem is, I'd seriously have to share the room with 2 cat boxes. Now, I keep my house VERY CLEAN and my cat boxes CLEANER...but as I was sitting here this morning...I came to this realization that cats droppin' dooce is STINKY! I was in my office (another room) just a few minutes ago, and Abby did her business and I actually went in to the room, scolded her to poo and get off the pot and I personally covered her stink (with the cat poo scraper) and shooshed her out of the room. (FYI - there is NO PLACE ELSE to put cat boxes in this house, and I am not buying a litter maid)

I ask myself...can I live with this?


Happy Friday everyone - I'm off to work!


Anna-Marie Still said...

Sounds like it's time to train them to do their "business" on the toilet so you can flush it away and have a litter free scrapspace!
Or invest in some clothespins for your nose!
I'm really not too much help in the advice department today, am I?

The Parsons said...

he he!!! that's funny! I like Anna Marie's comment!!! And I can imagine the space a big fish tank is gunna leave! Sweet!