Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tornado in Clovis, NM

OK, so why would a gal in Boston talk about a tornado that struck Clovis, NM? Well, simply put, because I used to live there. My mom called to tell me all about it and to tell me that she *thought* that she saw a picture of my old house, on the news (the house that the *EX* still lives at)...of course, nothing would make my mom loathe, like knowing that he got nailed by a tornado - I beg to as soon as I got off the phone, I called one of my best friends to see if he was ok, and to just double check about other things. Daniel said he is ok, and so was the neighborhood I used to live in. I may be divorced, but I do care about mankind and the fact that he got the dogs. Obviously there is nothing I could do, even if something bad had happened. I'm just glad that things are ok. Sounds like an F3 hit Clovis. I lived through one there myself - I know the damage all too well. I know the fear too. Anyways, Clovis folks, you are all in my thoughts and prayers in hopes that you make a full recovery from your losses and that you are safe and sound.


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