Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Back to work I go......

Is it really over already? Is this a dream? ::::pinch:::: OUCH! UGH! Well, I am excited to embark on my new journey...BUT, I was also enjoying being lazy and more unproductive than not for 6 days! I kind of took an internet break. I needed it! Normally, I'd sit at my computer for hours upon hours EVERYDAY! I think I sat at my computer a total of an hour since Friday - which is good for me!

Basically, I am a blond wannabe. I should say *I lift the color in my hair* rather than *color it* - because my dark brown hair color is HARD to keep light brown/blond! All I did was go back to a lighter brown/blond than usual. Nothing special!

Watched the 111th Boston Marathon yesterday. Very interesting to say the least! I teared up when the 4 athletes came across their winning lines! (M + F wheelchair and M + F runners) - So emotional. Such a journey for these people to train and compete like that! Interestingly - the male runner, Robert Cheruiyot, who just won Boston for the 3rd time in a row...his number was 1 and the other guy who came in after him was number 11. Between the 2, their numbers were 111 = 111th Boston Marathon! Cool, huh?

Also saddened by the Virginia Tech shootings. Thinking of everyone involved and affected. They are in my heart, my thoughts and my prayers.

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