Thursday, April 12, 2007

Vacation does a body good!

Today is "Day 2" of my mini vacation before I start my new job (title), next Tuesday! (Still with the same organization, I took a promotion). A lot of people asked me where I was going to go what was I going to do, my answer simply was "nowhere and not much" !!! Seriously, I really just needed the break. Of course, I knew I was going to do a bit of spring cleaning and organizing around the house, as well as read a few books if I could (made a big library run last Monday) and I was definitely going to do some serious scrapbooking...but if I actually left the house, I'd be surprised. (Wait, I think I might go out to get my XM installed in my car in the morning)

The weather has been grody, to say the least. Yesterday was ok, but it was chilly and today we have sleet and freezing rain. I'm not bothered in the least. Well, wait, I am a little bothered because the Red Sox game was canceled because of the weather. I was actually looking forward to sitting here watching the game from the comfort of my couch while reading a book!

So yesterday, I cleaned/organized my back porch. A little over 8 months ago, it used to be my smoking area. I quit smoking July 30th, 2006. I never went out there much after that because it reminded me a lot of smoking and the time I used to sit out there and chain smoke while I was on the phone with friends or family. The porch ended up being a great place to throw crap I didn't want to look at, like Christmas decor, boxes, cat crates, and other junk. it looks so nice again. I put everything away and cleaned out there.



Smokie patiently waiting for a handout:

Popcorn anyone?

Rice Krispie Treat??

Today I cleaned the kitchen cabinets and I cleaned out the freezer. YAY! I also colored my hair, too. I've been contemplating topics for some new mini-books, got any thoughts? Anyone want to join me?

What did you do today?


Anna-Marie Still said...

So where's the photo of your new "do"? Give it up girl - we wanna see!

Now that my taxes are done - I've been free to scrap - check my blog to see what I made yesterday and let me know whatcha think!

Have a great day!

The Parsons said...

yeah I wanna see your new colour! And I say good job for cleaning out the old smoking room! Just dont you start smoking in there again now its all comfy!!!!