Thursday, May 17, 2007

Holy Shmoley!

I haven't posted since NSD? OMG! It's a work thing, really. I come home, I'm exhausted (in your 30's, rest and relaxation is a GOOD thing - whereas in your 20's it's go go my 30's I say NO NO NO!) and I rarely make it to my computer at night. I've also been really lazy and been suffering migraines, complete with their hang-overs. I think it's the seasonal change. Hot-cold-hot-cold-humid-dry....BLECH! Plus stress - still trying to get organized at work, it's a long process and I am one of those that think that it CAN IN FACT be done in 1 day! I mean afterall, didn't Noah build the Arc in a day? (That was hypothetical, I have no clue about that story, really!)

I am on day 4 (again) of my new diet. It's not a diet persay, but a "Healthier Lifestyle" kind of diet. 1800 calories, low fat healthier eating. I actually had been sort of following this diet (I really dislike that word!) regime (there, that's better!) for awhile now, doing the best I could considering the circumstances. Circumstances were that I was all alone in this, I was getting no support from others and I sat there and watched my boyfriend and his friends consume lots of alcohol and eat lots of crappy shit while I was trying to do something good for myself.

I dislike low-carb dieters. GRRRRRRRRR! I understand the concept, I believe that it works for some people. BUT, there is nothing worse than mixing a person like myself, trying to follow this regime and then watching someone who thinks they are on a low-carb diet eat a rack of ribs, stuff a whole chicken in their mouth, guzzle large amounts of te-kill-ya and low carb beer, and the whole while, they think they are following a HEALTHY DIET! NO!

FINALLY, I got my boyfriend on the same page as me about this healthier eating. He, of course, gets more calories than I do, but he is also a lot bigger and taller. Plus I am a woman and I hoard fat cells like it's going out of style! Him and I don't always like the same foods. I like fish, he doesn't. He likes red meat and I don't like a lot of it. The list goes on. So, we came to an agreement that we both have to bend a little so that we both can enjoy the foods we like and not have to make 2 separate meals each night, because that's what it was boiling down to! That and mix an Italian with a German and you still got issues! (story for another day!!!) we're both doing well. Paul says he actually feels better, too! More energy! (He'd been in a big tired slump for quite some time - are you seeing the pattern here???) I am so proud of him for finally saying no to the low-carb thing and trying something healthier. Portion control is hard on everyone. But, if you have to blow it, it's best to blow it on veggies rather than on something really bad for you!

I gotta run, will catch up more. Work is calling my name!

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