Sunday, May 6, 2007

In celebration of NSD!

OK, so I didn't get any scrapping per say done for National Scrapbooking Day, because I dedicated the day to organizing my scrap space and cleaning out the numerous drawers and boxes of junk and saved crap that I didn't need, to make a more {organized}, serene and balanced work space! (I really needed it!)

I went over to target and purchased a cool 5 tier metal shelf, so that I could get a bunch of stuff off the floor that I had mysteriously tried to make look cool down there and all it did was hoard cat hair! Next, I put it together and then I started to put things on it (I also purchased a bunch of little clear plastic bins to put things in!) and before you know it, I cleaned out a couple boxes of papers, cleaned and organized some drawers in another organized unit I have and I cleaned my desk (I hoard reciepts and paper, like a mad woman!!!) Without further do.....

Clean desk!

New Shelf!

OK, so I sort of did a small altered art project yesterday...It actually took me all day to make because I filled each bottle cap with hot glue and let it set up (you have to build up the inside of the cap so that it will eventually stick flush with the canvas). I would do a few caps, and then walk away for a bit. Earlier in the evening, I had it all ready to glue down and in no particular fashion, I just glued them all down. I didn't care if the caps were upside down or sideways, etc. So, here another pc. of altered art for the {Wall of Art} in our living room!

LATE LATE LATE last night, I was reading some stuff on CK's website, which led me to Ali Edward's blog to then go to Jessica Sprague's blog to see that she had tutorial's on how to do digi stuff in photoshop. I have been wanting to do some digi stuff for awhile now, but my patience level is short {if I find that I am not "getting it"} and I give up. For some reason, I was reading through her tutorial's and a link led me to grunge brushes, which prompted me to d/l some brushes and then install them and go play with them, which reminded me to go back to CK's website to d/l JS's free digi kit (I am yet to [BUY] digi kits yet, since I didn't have a clue how to use them!!!) and I ended up playing with the digi kit, plus playing around with some grunge brushes. WITHOUT FURTHER DO.....


If you know me, my BIGGEST hang-up in not getting scrapping done is "PICTURES" - I dislike editing/resizing (usually for printing purposes), I dislike printing and I dislike going to Walgreen's shitty 1 hour photo to pick up pics AND my patience level is WAY TOO SHORT to send for pics in the mail! LOL!!!!

DIGITAL= forget all those steps and just SCRAP {digitally!!!}


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The Parsons said...

ha ha... I love it when someone gets digital photography. That's all I do now and adore it. You can find so much free stuff it is ridiculous.....