Thursday, August 9, 2007

Biopsy results.

I don't have good news to share today. I have breast cancer in my right breast. I'll know more in detail tomorrow when I meet with my Dr. to discuss. I just don't know how to feel right now, don't know what to expect, don't know how to react.

I'm 35, this was my first mammogram ever and breast cancer doesn't run in my family. I mean, how long has it been there? This is the kind of stuff that scares the shit outta ya.

More later after I see my Dr. tomorrow. Paul is going with me to the appt.

I'll be ok, just a LOT shocked, is all.


~*AMY*~ said...

girl...i'm sooooo know i am here for you anytime of anyday that you need me. if you need i will fly up there and be with you. if you need to get away your welcome at my house. if you need to vent, call me. if you need to cry, call me. if you need to laugh, call me. i love ya girlie and i want you to know i'm here. you will be in my thoughts and prayers. stay strong my chica!

julie e. said...

Oh sweetie...I'm sooooooo sorry also. You know I am here for you too! Same goes what Amy said. Please know that you're in my thoughts & prayer's. It will all be okay, I firmly believe that. Take care of yourself. Stay strong & postive. :) Love ya girl!

lee said...

cancer SUCKS. it's absolutely the first thing i'd get rid of forever if i was in charge of the world. please take some time for yourself!