Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Oh what a day...or 5...

Friday afternoon at work, I was cleaning and sort of put my back out. It was just starting to be apparent that I needed to take it easy and stretch before it got worse. I came home Friday night and was talking to Paul and I was being silly and shoved a pc. of bread in my mouth after some wise crack from him about eating plain bread. He poked me in my stomach, I doubled over in half and there went my back - I clung on to Paul's shirt, went down to the ground in the most intense pain ever. He didn't know my back was hurting and it's always fun to poke each other when we're acting like pigs. It's not his fault, but - thus began the 5 day nightmare that I've been through to get back to normal and I'm not even back to normal just yet, but I can walk better today. I did go to the Chiro on Sat. AM on an emergency call and my Dr. put my lower back back into adjustment, but it didn't really help. He said to keep ice on it, and to stretch and I did.

Then yesterday, I had my biopsy on my right breast to remove the "whatever" it was that they saw in there. I was under the Ativan influence, which helped me out a ton! I was in a zombie-like state most of the day, which was cool...nothing bothered me all day! The biopsy was ok. The worst part is the 5 numbing shots that she poked into the area and whatever else she did, I really didn't know about it and I wasn't askin'!

Results will be in, in a few days. I'm sure everything will be fine.

Cheers! to bad backs and breast biopsies! OH..and babies! My friend Julie, her daughter is having her baby today!! AND to Amy - I have one word: STRENGTH!


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~*AMY*~ said...

i so love ya girl, i'll stay strong if you stay strong with me :)