Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm in a FUNK and I need to VENT!

Got back from Maine yesterday afternoon, the trip was fine and all, but VERY tiring. It was like being at work for 56.5 hours straight. (Actually, I WAS working for 56.5 hours straight!) I learned a few things in 3 days...

1. There is a reason I do not have children
2. I really DO NOT like shopping
3. I get shitty grumpy when I don't get my "personal time" by myself everyday
4. I am really compulsive about certain things - my limits and boundaries were definitely tested and pushed to the max.
5. And, when I get home, I was put in a VILE mood because my bathroom is torn up and my back porch is messy as well as the front hall and things stuck to my socks, like crumbs on the floor because the floor wasn't swept, there was crumbs on the kitchen counter, the bed wasn't made the way I like it, my broom was out in the hall, there was a BIG lack of groceries in the house, I shouldn't have stepped on the scale at 8pm, mail was strewn all over the table...blah blah blah...

Ever have one of those days where NOTHING makes you happy and the DUMBEST stuff puts you over the edge? Well, I'm having one of those days. I'll be back when I can be more positive!

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