Friday, October 5, 2007

2nd Opinion

So, Paul and I headed down to Mass. General (better known as MGH) for our 2nd opinion with a very awesome doctor. He was so friendly and straight forward and I felt at ease immediately. To make a long story short: We are 99.9% positive that I will not need chemotherapy. Now we decide if I take...
1. Tamoxifen and Radiation
2. Tamoxifen + shut down my ovaries (it's an estrogen thing) and Radiation
3. take an AI (aromatase inhibitor - another drug) and Radiation.

The next decision is what kind of radiation: traditional radiation for 6 weeks or the partial breast radiation (2x/day for 5 days - but there is only 5 years worth of study done on this)

My biggest concern overall is that I have a family history of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis), to my knowledge, it does not affect me right now. But my mother lives a pretty grounded lifestyle because of it and I don't wish that upon anybody. Tamoxifen has a possible side effect of thrombosis, which concerned me. BUT, the Dr. brought up a GREAT POINT! From 1991-2002, I took birth control and I was a heavy smoker = no clots, no health issues. I'd already put my body through one of the most rigorous stress tests available!

The Dr. also suggested another MRI, to clear the left side because of the "area of suspicion" which was earlier dx as fibrocystic change. He just wants to be 100% sure.

I have a consult for partial breast radiation in 2 weeks, then I also have a 3rd opinion with Dana Farber Cancer Institute in 3 weeks and an appt. with my Oncologist thereafter.

Until then, keepin' it real as a Breast Cancer Thriver. [wink!]

OH - did anyone see this? Courage Through Hope It's a scrapbook kit from Lisa Bearnson (I LOVE HER KITS!) I just ordered 2 of them! Anyone else that lives near me that wants to buy a kit, let me know so we can get together and scrapbook together!!! I have all the tools and stuff, all you'd need is pictures and your kit, really! As a word of caution, if you are considering this kit, and wait too long, it may sell out. Seriously anything that Ali Edwards designs doesn't last long!!!

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Penny said...

Sounds like you've got good info to help you move ahead and make some decisions. Keep asking questions and seeking all the opinions you need... don't let ANYONE make you go in a direction unless it makes you comfortable. Scratched my scalp today and came away with a lot of hair... looks like I'm close to calling on my personal stylist (Miss Penney) to give me a whiffle. Promise not to laugh?