Friday, November 16, 2007

Thankful Day 15 & 16

November 15 - Thankful for my strength and courage.

November 16 - Thankful for it is the very LAST chemo treatment for my friend Penny! A toast to Penny - "I know this has been a long few months - you too, have courage and strength! Today marks the closing of another chapter in your breast cancer journey, but so that a new chapter emerges. Time to get back to some normalcy (sometimes I even wonder what that is in my own life, too!) and put this part behind you. You can do it, you're a Thriver!"

And a toast to Dave, her husband - "Dave, you have been a loving and supporting husband through this journey with Penny, and to myself as well! Today begins a new chapter in your journey with the fight of breast cancer. Your strength and courage is immeasurable. Your love and compassion is vibrant and your energy will be back to fully charged - keep your chin up kid!"

Love, Tanya


Penny said...

Oh you crazy kid, making me weep so early in the morning. Yea, today it IT! Can't wait for the next step. It's wonderful having you along for the ride. Thanks more than you'll ever know for being an important part of the Sally.

Gawain said...

What a beautiful post, Tanya. I don't know who Penny is, but I got tears in my eyes too. Good luck on your next steps, Penny.

Tanya said...

Penny...Les (Gawain) - Les...Penny!