Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thankful Day 17

November 17 - Back in, oh...let's say September...I had blond hair. Then I decided to go red, the red was so flaming, that I had to go darker red, a month later, I was dark brown. I hated it. I don't like me in dark hair because it makes me look REALLY BAD like M-Jacko white, with dark hair. Let's just say I'm VERY THANKFUL to have my blond hair back! Lesson learned - don't do that again!

[ETA: edited to add Saturday morning bed head!]


Penny said...

Don't kid yourself, you're beautiful no matter what color you're flaunting. I was the only bald person in a room of about 80 people yesterday, most of whom were men much more my senior! I've decided I can't wait for my first post-chemo hair cut. I'm going to treat myself to someplace other than Supercuts!

Tanya said...

NO SUPERCUTS! I have the place just for you...see me before you go anywhere, when that time comes! It's gonna be a girls day out!

The Parsons Family said...

he he.... glad you went back to blonde. I did like the red but never saw the brown!!!