Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thankful Day 18

November 18 - So, I'm at Walmart...we're putting our bags in the trunk of the car and I keep hearing this dog bark, and I know it's nearby and there are no houses nearby and no cars where I hear it. (Walmart Rt. 114 Danvers) So, out of the corner of my eye, I see a little dog, on a rope, tied to a light pole behind some snow plows and I drive over there and see this little dog barking it's head off. I go over to it, it's friendly, but I just couldn't figure out why or how someone could do this to a dog. My first thoughts were that someone abandoned it, but no poo or pee nearby, so it couldn't have been there too long...then I realized that maybe someone was shopping inside and the little dog needed to stay outside so I call inside the Walmart and asked if they could page the owner or do something and the lady tells me she will get a manager and he'll be right out. So, we waited about 15 minutes, no manager, but a little old man comes over and see's me by his dog and I just let him know that I was very worried that someone had left their dog there, but was glad that that wasn't the case. He thanked me for keeping her company and he assured me he only needed to run in to get a few things. Her name was Ebi (short for "little shrimp"). The little old man lived way back behind Walmart in a retirement community - they had walked over to do some shopping. I'm thanking myself for taking the time to care.

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Penny said...

You're such a good soul. You not only looked out for the puppy, you made a gentleman feel good about humanity amid the shopping nastiness.