Sunday, November 25, 2007

Took a little blogger break...

for a couple days.

Just needed a computer break, really. I checked my email everyday, that was about it!

Paul and I went out shopping for a bit yesterday, got some replacement lights for the outdoor trees (Every year we have to replace these net lights!) and surprisingly, it was NOT crowded out, no traffic and it was a pleasant day. We went to Somerville and then up Route 1 to go to a couple places. Quiet. I've seen busier places in the dead middle of summer!

Anyways - so I am working on Christmas Journal this year - taught by Shimelle Laine who is like one of my fave scrappers ever! Love her work! For the past couple years now, I've denied myself this journey, and I said for sure that this year I would definitely join in! Trying to get some layouts done before it actually starts on Dec. 1. I only wish I knew what the daily prompts will be so that I could correlate the layouts to the theme in advance. Because, right now, I have plenty of time on my hands...give me a couple weeks in, and I'll be busy with something and I'll guarantee it'll be work related!

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