Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome 2008!

New Years Resolutions anyone?

I have a few:
1. Be more organic - as in be more simple, healthful, natural and close to nature
2. Get out and do what I love to do.
3. Lose weight
4. Prepare to be back in school for August

These 4 are the most important and meaningful thus far. I mean, of course I have some little ones, too like do a 365 project, scrapbook more, call friends and family more, blog more, organize, go back to NYC, pay off my credit cards, blah blah blah those are the little ones that I probably am less concerned about because I still do them, but I need to list them again and again as a reminder!


Penny said...

Resolutions: (1) Get OFF the BC bus and take you with me. (2) Hire a dumpster and clean out the basement. (3) While I'm at it, clean out my head.

Heather said...

Resolutions? You're good... I know I won't keep any of mine, so I don't make them anymore. Though I do like Ali Edwards' One Little Word thing... working on choosing my word for this year. Wanted to wish you a happy, healthy 2008. See you on scrapbook.com! :)