Saturday, January 5, 2008

1 year...and 5 days to go!

You might think that's cryptic - meaning something exciting is going to happen in 1 year and 5 days. Nope. Sorry to disappoint! It means 2 things.

1. I celebrate having kept up with this blog for a year now! WOW! I can rarely commit to something for a week, let alone a year! (It's a Gemini thing!) (Funny...back in 1995 when I got on the bandwagon and bought a computer and got on the internet, I did this very exact same thing...web-logged about my life and my day on a web page in a journal type fashion... - I think through Geocities as a matter of fact...and everyone thought I was nuts to do that! After a few weeks, I quit.) How ironic that blogging is like "the thing to do" now!

2. 5 days left of radiation! M-F next week and I'm done-ola! I'm sad and glad - SAD because I actually looked forward to seeing the folks over there every morning. They are all just so sweet and downright cool! This place has left an impression on me of kindness and sincerity to my well-being and that, I think keeps people healthy! (How organic!) GLAD because I am sick of being tired and drained of all my energy (I'm in bed before 8pm everynight!) and I want my skin to heal. It just recently took a turn for the worst and it's painful! Lucky for me...the last 5 treatments are a "Boost" - meaning that my whole breast isn't being treated now, just the cancer area which is on the side. This means that the rest of my skin will start to heal now. AND in 2 weeks, I can wear my regular deodorant again! One can never feel shitty enough about themselves until they can't have their regular deodorant/antiperspirant! Bad enough I can't have my underwire bras!


Penny said...

Here's a toast (OK, coffee, it's only 9 a.m.) to underwire bras and regular deodorant, but more importantly, to determination and courage. It's been a long haul and you're almost through the door and on the other side of the nightmare. I'll see you there on January 30.

julie e. said...

Hi Sweetie! Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and let you know I've been thinking about you. Even if you don't hear from me everyday, you're in my thoughts and prayers. Love ya girl! Julie

Fabre said...

Tanya - great news! Sorry I haven't been in better touch the past few weeks - December for caterers is just awful - will be thinking of you with a BIG smile on Friday!

Hope to see you soon!

Gawain said...

Woohoo, Tanya! I'm so glad that you're at the end of this stage of the journey. I'm continuing to send good thoughts your way.