Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The agony of defeat!

The pure agony of buying a new refrigerator is bad enough, then for a delivery guy to tell you it won't fit up the stairs, it's too tall. [But yet, had the delivery guy tried, it actually would have gone up the stairs, as we've had a taller fridge go up these stairs in the past.]
They take it back, we go back to Best Buy to pick out a different refrigerator, a smaller one than our first purchase. Refrigerator #2 won't fit because the door into the kitchen is just a half inch too small for the refrigerator to fit through, with the doors off. Which sucks, because the guy who sold us the refrigerator, said that it would have fit fine through the door - but it was the extra hump that sticks out of the back that got us (which we asked about and he said no, it didn't have that hump)

Damn these old houses with odd sized doors!

In other news, we got about 8+ inches of snow yesterday - probably more, in fact I'm sure it was more...so pretty and white!


Penny said...

Goodness! You can't win! You're right about old houses, they have a quirkiness all their own. Even so, they're better than cookie cutter houses in neighborhoods with no trees. As to the snow... don't get me started.

Heather said...

Glad the snow all fell up your way... you love it, and I *really* didn't want to shovel my way out! Sucks about the fridge, though... or both fridges, really. More difficult than it needed to be (especially since that first one would've fit)!

Julie E. said...

OMGOSH...what a site that must've been. So sorry for the headache!! Just wanted to pop on and say HI. Been thinking about you. :)