Tuesday, January 29, 2008


the magic clicks is what I heard on Sunday night, as I was trying to edit some photos and nothing was working - my programs got these weird errors, pictures wouldn't open right, icons on my desktop were frozen in time...the logical thing to do was restart my computer to find that it wouldn't reboot and all I heard was


the usual suspect when your hard drive FAILS!

Panic mode set in, thinking of the last time I did a backup on my computer....I think it probably was around Christmas! As usual, so much happened since then and I was frantic worried that I'd lose all of my recent photos, all of my recent saves, bookmarks of inspiration websites and a multitude of other things. I went to Paul, begged him to come see what was wrong, he suggested the same thing - the hard drive died.

BUT, we unplugged my computer for a few minutes, let it sit and then tried again. OH MY GAWD, it rebooted with no clicks!

Let me just tell you how fast I can back up my files! My life was saved in the nick of time...and of course, so far so good...no failures since then, but in the event it does, I'm ok with it! (Because when it happens, this computer goes BYE BYE and MAC here I come!!!)


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Penny said...

GASP! That could have so sucked in a large way! Glad you solved the problem! Now... about the refrigerator...!