Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oh yeah and by the way...

Speaking of refrigerators (PENNY!) we purchased one from Lowe's (The mom and pop shop just couldn't get us the fridge we wanted and needed, so...) and we made sure, that the one we finally bought, WILL FIT and if 1 delivery person dares argue that it won't, we are forced to tie them up, smack them around a bit, and force them to look at the fridge on the 2nd floor that already made it's way up the stairs and corner in question. They will get that fridge upstairs! This fridge is a tad smaller than the ones we were looking at - we decided to end the fight of the never ending lazy delivery people's and just get a little smaller one. In the end, we didn't lose too much fridge and freezer space.

New said fridge won't be delivered until later next week. Cross your fingers!

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Penny said...

So, do you love it???