Monday, March 17, 2008

Feeling damn lucky today!

...and the officer seriously saved me a ton of money on my car insurance!

OK, so I'm haulin' ass to the gym, not a care in the world...I'm bustin' down this side road and flew by an officer! I get pulled over. "Ma'am, you were doing 50 in a 30", I said "Damn, I know it! I have a lead foot, but I seriously thought that was a 40mph zone and was only going a little over" to which he replied "No, that's a 30mph zone, can I see your license and registration?". I gave him everything he I sat there, I'm cussing in every word I can get in on a text message to Paul to tell him that after 3 years clean, and just when my last ticket from 2005 was going to go off my record and my insurance would finally go way down....I get nailed! My own fault really, no one to blame but me and my foot and my very noticeable red hot speeding car!

As I'm sitting in my car, feeling bad for myself and my paycheck (C'mon...20 over wasn't gonna be a pretty ticket!!) I was checking out this dog in this yard by where I was pulled over. A female dog, who looked like she had mastitus or something like that, it was really sad, she was cold, she had a tumor looking thing hanging between her legs and it looked painful. I was thinking how after I got handed my ass on a platter, that I'd go check her out and talk to the people who have her and see if they are aware that she needs medical attention immediately. The officer saw the same thing and he and I talked for a bit about what we saw and that it was preoccupying both of us. He said he was going to go over to talk to the people himself, he felt that that dog needed medical attention right away. (THANKFULLY this saved me from feeling sorry for the poor thing and getting all upset - let the officer handle it, Tanya!!) the way the officer gave me a WARNING!

It wasn't until I was 30 minutes into swimming that it was St. Patrick's Day and I was ONE DAMN LUCKY CHICK TODAY! I even drove the speed limit the rest of the way to the gym and the way home!

I just hope that that dog was OK. If she's lucky, that officer and I saved her life by pulling over right by her house!

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