Friday, March 14, 2008

Oops... been a week, already!?!

[warning - PMS + cussing ensues in post]

Dang - a whole week went by!
I always complain (to myself) about people who never update their blogs regularly...and here I am (though not of any celebrity status) not updating my blog! I get edgy when the celebrity folk (the scrapbooking peeps, really) don't update for days and days and days. Don't these people know I NEED their inspiration? LOL! As if they had a life or something!

So, I feel much better than I did last week, though that flu lingered for a few days afterwards and I didn't feel back to my old self until like Tuesday, but by that time I was so friggen hormonal from premenstrual woes, that I was a total maniac! I hate PMS, I turn into such a bitch! I can't even stand myself, seriously.

Like I'm driving to work and it must be the one time of the month I REALLY notice how many fucking "Massholes" don't use their blinkers or talk on their cell phones weaving through traffic or drive in the hammer lane doing the speed limit while 30 cars are behind them trying to get by....and don't get me started on people who don't yield in the rotaries.

I swear to gawd, this isn't the first time I've thought of this....but I have considered starting a blog or site called or,
then put that website on a magnet and slap it on people's cars or on my own to advertise...but then the moment passes, and I realize that I wouldn't want to put so much energy into something so negative...but the thought consumes me once a month and it passes.

On a serious note though, I am always bothered by people who talk on their cell phones and drive, not because I don't want people to not have someone to talk to the moment they get behind the wheel of a 2 ton machine, it's because their driving becomes unsafe. 9 out of 10 times when I get up to someone weaving through traffic and not using their blinkers, they are holding their cell phone in their left hand up to their left ear and can't put on their blinker with that hand because it's preoccupied! That or they are TEXTING, going down the road! I've made my fair share of "HANG UP" gestures at people and you'd think I'd just flipped them off or something, they get so bent out of shape - but not near as bent out of shape they are gonna be when they crash! Why don't people think about that? Christ, my biggest fear in life is getting in a car wreck.

For those of you who don't live in Massachusetts, we have the WORST drivers...but I'm also one of them. I am not a bad driver, I'm a FAST driver. I'm not near as FAST as I use to be, just due to the shear nature of our shitty roads and traffic - it slows me down. ALOT!

OK, I've expelled enough energy into that topic for today.

The YMCA is really working out for me! I love going there to go swimming. I haven't quite ventured off to the new fitness center - mainly because in a pool, you usually don't "swim with someone" where in the fitness center, I would want someone to be there with me, to talk to, ya know? LOL! I'll venture up there someday, but for now, swimming is my thing right now!

Got a new book called Photo Freedom, by Stacy Julian. This book totally rocks! For anyone who takes TONS of pictures like I do, and throw some scrapbooking into the mix, this book is a life saver! I've often drowned in the digital picture pool because for the longest time because I just didn't have a "system" that worked for me on organizing my massive amounts of photos, let alone try to put together some sort of scrapbook with those photos.

So, starting this weekend, I am going to get through my digital photos stored between a 100gig external as well as the latest from the last month on my computer and get to organizing! I literally have about 80 gigs total of digital pics stored from about 2004-current.

The only thing that would make my life a lot easier is if I had a MAC and iLife - but that'll have to wait. I don't have $2K to dump on a killer system right now.

So onto a new subject, then I have to get my act together and get to work...Paul and I are donating our 4 pc. Lazy Boy sectional to my group home, and we are buying new furniture for our house. We just want to get the sectional out of here. Paul repainted the whole living area in a Tuscan theme - it is so gorgeous, but the sectional distorts it's beauty right now! Will show pics soon of the changes! I pick up the first refill on my Tamoxifen. I'd have to say that I haven't felt real great on this medicine, but then I got sick in the middle of this first month when I wasn't sure what was lingering sickness or true side effects of the Moxy. I keep writing down DAILY how I feel when I wake up, during the day, late afternoon and bedtime. I take the pill at bedtime, to wear off the stomach upset, but that still lingers in the morning through most of the morning, then I feel ok. But I'm back to being super tired, too. But, how much of that has to do with swimming each day? Or the time change? I promised myself that I'd give this drug 3 months, but if I still feel shitty in 3 months, we'll have to come up with something different, I can't handle feeling so sick all of the time.
I have an MRI scheduled for Monday the 17th for a 6 month follow up - this replaces a mammogram this time around. other than this...nothing new on the BC homefront. It's been 7 months since diagnosis now...days go by when I don't think about breast cancer anymore and quite frankly, I'd rather just forget about it for awhile.

Have a splendid day! I apologize for the above rant about drivers, but I just needed it off my chest, seriously! AND, we're finally on the other side of winter - which makes me totally HAPPY!


Fabre said...

Hey Tanya! I have been thinking of you lately and glad to see life is moving forward for you. Enjoy the new furniture!!!! And watch out for those massholes!

Penny said...

Hey baby, I'll SPLIT the cost of the magnets with you! Let's GO-O-O-O-O!

Julie E. said...

Hi Sweetness...just stopping by to let you know I was thinking about you. LOL about the magnets...I'm so thankful I don't have to worry about the city traffic, it's bad enough here in hicktown with people driving & talking on their cellphones.

Julie E. said...

P.S. Don't look at my blog... (hanging head in shame)