Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring Cleaning Day 2

Well, I accomplished a LOT yesterday by getting everything done I said I was going to get done. Back porch and hall is clean, front hall is clean, took out a ton of trash, the back hall and front hall steps are clean all the way down, I washed a ton of laundry and I made kick-ass fajitas and chocolate chip cookies, too!

Today, I shall attack our bedroom - would you believe that I am trying to talk myself out of painting the bedroom? I hate painting so bad, that I am willing to live with the maroon walls to avoid it!?!?!? I need to be slapped in the head!

It's only Tuesday and I said to myself that I would AT LEAST clean the bedroom of it's clutter and wash the curtains and bedding, dust, vacuum and then decide if I still hate it. (Which I am sure I will) But at least it'll be clean, free of clutter and ready to paint! I have to like make this decision by the end of the day today, only because I'd need to paint Wed or Thurs. because Friday night is a friends birthday and we are leaving for Vermont Saturday morning.

As for pictures...I forgot to snap "before" pics, can you believe that? you didn't miss anything, believe me!

OK...off to tackle the bedroom today!

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