Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring Cleaning has arrived...

...and now that it's here, I don't wanna do it! LOL! Seriously took yesterday to lounge and relax and scrapbook, organize my 650 pictures that I ordered from snapfish (YIKES! 650 is a TON of pics!) and was pretty much a bum. I needed that 1 day to just chill, but I knew yesterday I needed to plan on getting my shit together to clean and organize and let's not forget the dreaded project of painting our bedroom this week.

We're NOT slobs, in fact we're very clean and organized 90% of the time...but over the winter, we let the back porch collect all the shit we don't want to put away like all the Xmas stuff, tools, stuff we take out of the house (like decor we're sick of), etc.

So today's plan of attack is to clean out the back hall and porch and get the Christmas stuff put away, and create a relaxing little area out on the porch for summer. Then I need to clean the front hallway area that has collected winter coats and stuff and Paul's work stuff and a bunch of other random shit.

...OFF I GO! Do we need before and after pics? I SHOULD THINK SO!

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Penny said...

I am exhausted at the thought of your spring cleaning frenzie. Or perhaps it's the beer I had with dinner (Allagash White, yummy!) Either way, I'm pooped. I must go put my feet up.