Friday, April 25, 2008

When does it go away?

About a week before I went on vacation, I lost my voice due to a little bout of laryngitis - it went away after 2 days and I felt fine. Then vacation started, I started doing a ton of cleaning and whattya know? I've got an allergy induced cold! It lasted all week and is still going on...sniffles, sneezing and by gawd, my right ear is STILL PLUGGED! I've tried everything from swim ear to hot water to poking my ear to just praying it'll go away overnight. I even went swimming, hoping that some serious water swishing would help. Nope, still plugged. WHAT GIVES? I know it's water in there, I can hear it and I'm slowly going insane.

Anyways...we did go to Burlington, VT last weekend - TOTAL DRUNKEN BLAST! Will update with pics and stories this weekend!

Going to play BINGO tonight, too! Damn, I haven't done that since about 2002!!!! I can't wait!!!

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Penny said...

I too have been "suffering" from the pugged ear thing. A $45 prescription of ear drops (yes, $45 dollars) did squat to solve the problem. It best NOT mess me up when I fly east on my vacation. I'll be extremely ugly.