Sunday, April 27, 2008

Feeling better, fun stuff and Pictures!

OK, so I feel better. (Penny, I hope you do too!) Ear finally cleared up on it's own, but not without it's painful clicking yesterday...SHEESH!

My friend Kathy and I went to play BINGO Friday night - it was just too much fun! We were trying to find a place to sit, and it was crowded! Serious BINGO players were there! They all had their mountains of good luck charms and shrines set up just right at each table. Well, we ended up in the back part of the hall and Kathy and I found a table, but it was covered with jackets, but no cards. So Kathy moved a jacket to clear some space and this 450+ lb. woman about came UNGLUED that Kathy moved her coat without asking first. Normally, I'd THROTTLE someone in that moment, but I remained calm, because it was clear that this was a serious Bingo player going nutso about someone settling in on her table. Now, granted, she probably NEEDED half that table to sit at, but we were 2 city slickers wanting to just plop our asses in a chair and play some BINGO. She yelled at Kathy for moving her coat - she was sitting at another table playing cards while waiting for BINGO to start. I simply stated to the woman, no seats can be saved here and that there were plenty of room for us 3 to sit there. She kept going on and on and on about how Kathy moved her coat without asking. I walked up to her and placed my hand on her shoulder and quietly stated "It's just BINGO, honey, relax, if you didn't want your coat moved, you shouldn't have put it there!" I really thought she was going to eat Kathy!

She later chilled and ended up realizing that we wouldn't impose on her space. I think she realized she acted out - and I hope that the karma she induced on herself will come back to her 3-fold for being such a witch!

I later realized how SERIOUS BINGO is to some people. Just because they are in the basement of a church, don't mean they ain't NASTY! I was nice to all, because I needed the karma! When we took a break, Kathy and I went out for some fresh air, OH! you should have heard those women bickering and talking smack about people. It was like a scene of desperate old housewives at the bingo hall!

Neither of us won, but it was a BLAST! In fact we're going again Monday night to Quincy! Whatta life! Ya gotta love it!

I finally posted all of our Vermont pics as well. Click on my FLICKR set on the right side of my blog and check them all out! I'll post my scrapbook when it's done, too!

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Penny said...

I was part of a bridal party ages ago and we had to RESCHEDULE a bridal shower because it was planned for the bride's mother's BINGO night. No lie. We had to call everyone, rescind the invitations, and then send them out all over again. The woman in question plays 3 nights a week. You'd think she could let one night go...