Wednesday, April 30, 2008

American Idol, stolen cars, shots, gas and grocery stores

Yeah'ok - who watches American Idol?

Of course I LOVE David Cook the most, but I don't want him to win because I don't want him to get sucked into a shitty contract with pop crap music (it's NOT his style) - I want him to get out NOW so he can go make his own album, just like Chris Daughtry did!
Then there is Jason the way he sings, but he needs to be sent home with a Jack Johnson CD and learn to do that kind of thing - he'd rock at it!
David Archuleta - great kid, totally fits the AI mold - he should win for sure - but man is this kid naive and sheltered.
Brook White is so Carly Simon and I think she'll definitely make some albums, but she and Syesha are forgettable, really.

Ok, so sometime late last night, Paul's pops car was stolen. Now who in their right mind would want a freakin early 90's Buick Century? POS if you ask me, I just don't get it. (Especially when there is a Civic and a Mustang in the driveway?) Pops is just in dissaray. I don't know much more than it was stolen, and I haven't been downstairs yet to see what's going on. Who the hell steals an 82 yr. old man's car?

OK...I've been sulking for a few days now, too. Why you ask? I have to get a Hep-B booster shot because 14 years ago, I got the 3-series shots and I no longer carry the antibody. Have you seen the size of those freakin' needles? Good god it's gonna be a shitty Friday morning this week. I got a tetanus a week and a half ago, it was most dramatic. AND, I have to have 3 little cavities filled - bring on the gas, the ativan and the teddy bear - it too will be a bumpy ride (in June of course, because I need a freakin month to prepare for this one - emotionally and financially!) Don't ask how the hell I made it through Breast Cancer last year.

Totally not in the mood to go to work today. Just feeling lazy. But would you believe that I am talking myself into going because a new grocery store opens today in Reading! THAT'S RIGHT (for those of you in the area) Market Basket across from Jordan's/HD open TODAY! This is like a total highlight of my life because I hate Stop & Shop and Shaw's - and I hated going all the way to Middleton or Chelsea (never go to Woburn) to shop. Now I can hit the Reading store on my way home! SO EXCITED! No more paying high prices for groceries - JUST GAS!

Speaking of gas - GOOD LORD, I saw regular gas is over $3.59/gal already! Of course I'm on empty, too!



Penny said...

I share the joy about the new Market Basket. Sad, isn't it?? What a shame about Paul's dad's car. Shoot the little a$$holes!

Kara said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comments on me blog! Have a great week.