Monday, May 5, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking!

I've dabbled in digi scrapping for a little bit now, but I usually get frustrated and quit because I don't understand what I'm doing in Photoshop when it comes to making layouts. I've probably spent hundreds on digi kits and I know I've spent way more than hundreds on programs for my computer - only to use them for the same ole, same ole of cropping and editing photos.

BUT...I decided to take a digi scrapping class by Jessica Sprague (one of the most fascinating digi instructors that I follow...) For the most part, her tutorials have been helpful, but I still never understood the basics of digi scrapping to begin with, so knowing how to make a brush or put a frame around a picture didn't exactly help me out in the long run.

SO, I'm in a month long class now and I did the first week lesson today and here is the LO that I completed for week 1. It's obvious that I need more practice, but I'm proud of this page I did about my Smokie.


The Parsons Family said...

wooo hooo, doing a little shout here! Im loving that you are doing digi!!! Thats my thang! Your LO looks fabulous too!

Julie E. said...

Holy cow girl!! This is beeea U tiful!! You're fibbin' that it's your first right?!! ;) I just love it!!

Julie E. said...

Oh, I love what you did with the butterfly's....LOVE IT!

Tanya said...

Seriously it was one of my first ones, that I cared to share anyways! I've done some others but I realized why they looked so bad in the first place!

JULES, how the hell you been girl??