Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Starting June 1st...

With the cost of gas, groceries and everything else on the rise...I decided that I am going to challenge myself to a month of "NO SHOPPING". I know this sounds a bit extreme, but I am going to go back to basics - gas and groceries ONLY. I wish I were able to take public transportation to work, but my group home is far away from the commuter rail and no public buses come near the house...and honestly, even if it were, I'd spend less on gas in my car than paying $12 a day to ride the trains and $4 for buses roundtrip. My Civic gets great gas mileage, thus why I haven't been too much of a bummer about the gas costs - except that 2 years ago, I could fill my tank around $38 and now it's $48. So be it...whatever. I'm still not going to go buy a hybrid and I'm still dreaming of my STi someday.

My no shopping challenge comes from the desire to save money and avoid getting a 2nd job for the summer. I really don't want to have to work another job to make ends meet. No more clothes (I have more than enough, seriously!), no more scrapbooking supplies, no more junk we don't need, no more Dunkin Donuts coffee's - buy the coffee at the grocery store and brew it at home.

I vow to purchase only the necessary things we need to survive - groceries, cat food, litter, gas and whatever else I can't think of right now. But, no impulsive buying. Entertainment is going to have to be something free (at least for June). No using credit cards, either.

Cutting out the clothes and the scrapbook supplies are going to be the hardest. So I have until June 1 to hoard what I can! LOL!

Where can you cut costs?


The Parsons Family said...

oh oh oh, i have been wanting to do this too. A friend of mine did it ... lasted the whole month. Great idea. good luck girl! I may join you in your quest!!!!

Julie e. said...

Hi girl! Sounds like a plan...I've been thinking of doing the same thing. Hope you're doing good....haven't talked to you in awhile. Hugs!! J

Tanya said...

Chelsea - Would love for you to join in! I hope that for me, one month turns into 2 and then 3 and so forth!

Jules - OMG girl, I saw a recent pic of you on your place at sb.com - you look SO AWESOME! I can definitely tell you've had success in your weight loss! I've been bad - haven't lost anything more. What happened to your blog?