Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Birthday to me! Yesterday that is...

Hit the big three-six yesterday - woopee doo. Didn't do much all day except lounge around and play on the computer, then Paul came home with a dozen red roses and he also got me a kickass new point & shoot Nikon camera! What a great guy he is!
I played with the camera most of the day to have it ready to go out with last night. We ran out for a bit in the afternoon to do some stuff, came home and got ready to go out. We had sushi for dinner and met up with some friends to see a band that I just love! Here are some pics - they sorta suck because of the shitty lighting conditions and the drunk woman who we begged to take our pics! Literally felt crappy all day today, not because I drank too much (although the 5 Guinness's might have caused this), but just felt lousy. I got up with a terrible headache, stayed up for a bit and was back in bed quickly and slept til almost 5:45pm. Felt like I was in my 20's again!!

Tanya, Andrea, Kathy and Coleen

Tanya, Andrea, Coleen
Paul, Kathy and Steve

So, I am just about done with my 4 week class with Jessica Sprague - Here are week 3 and week 4 layouts. Both of these are from scratch rather than a quick page. I really loved this class and I highly recommend it to ANYONE who wants to learn digital scrapbooking! Honestly, it's the BEST $45 I ever spent! I can't wait to continue practicing my new skills and once I feel I've really got the hang of them, I'll take the next class she has to offer.

I have more layouts that I'm going to share, I've considered revamping my blog and adding some more elements and such. I want to get a photo album going for all of my scrapbook layouts, too.

So tomorrow kicks off the "NO SHOPPING CHALLENGE" for the month of June. I'm going to keep track of all of my "spending" and "savings" for the month. Basically, I hope to learn 2 things from this. 1. Saving money and living a bit more organically 2. Learning that I don't need all the latest and greatest right now and to learn to live with the things I already have. (Number 2 being the most important, so that I can be successful with number 1!)

By organic living, I mean that as in "being more simple, healthful, natural and closer to nature."

I've allowed myself to buy gas (I obviously need to get to and from work!) and groceries and I had to add in any other basic necessities...because if I need shampoo or tampons or deodorant and can't buy them, we have a problem. Basically, I am not allowing myself to buy things like shoes, clothes, scrapbook supplies...the kind of things I certainly do not need more of and can live without "the new" for a month.

I have to throw in one special clause though - because on June 4, I already had tickets to go to a Red Sox game. I've limited my spending to a certain amount for food and drinks and that's that.

So...without further do...let the no shopping challenge begin tomorrow June 1!

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Penny said...

Happy Belated Birthday to You!
Happy Belated Birthday to You!
Happy Belated Birthday, Dear Tanya!
Happy Belated Birthday to You!