Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 3 - No shopping challenge...

HELLO Day 3!!

OK, so yesterday I had to go to the dentist for some dental work. I just want to point out that I am a total loser at the dentist if I have to have anything done that involves Novocaine. Yesterday was one of those days. But I won't bore you with the details of the dental work yet, rather I want to point out how I saved over $1000. OK, so like I said, I'm a complete loser at the dentist...I sometimes have to have Ativan prior to dental visits, I NEED the gas (Nitrous) or you are NOT coming within 10 feet of me with that needle and I need my ego soothed over, I wear sunglasses, I bring a blanket and I listen to my iPod during the course of all of this.

I used to go to a dentist, that I found through the Dental Relaxation Network - because they (the DRN) seemed to be the ONLY people who could put me in touch with any dentist that use gas. Prior to finding the DRN, I swear I had called a hundred dentists, asked if they cater to cowards (they all do, don't they??) and then if I asked about the Nitrous, they shot me down ("Oh NO, we don't use that stuff" - I guess they really don't cater to cowards, now do they??)

OK, so the old dentist I was using up until a month ago...they were about to charge me over $1,100 to fill 3 cavities - and that was my co-pay. What a crock of shit! At the time, I still believed these dentists were the ONLY ones that used gas...I even applied for ANOTHER dental loan through Capital One to help pay for this, to be added to the ALREADY $3800 loan I was paying off from a year ago when I needed some dental work done (4-quadrant scaling + root canal and crown)

Then my co-worker and friend, Gail introduces me to a new dentist, that was as gentle as could be, uses Nitrous and you don't even know you're getting a needle in your mouth...and she had a TON of work done prior to moving back to Florida last week and it cost her next to nothing. I had made an appt a couple weeks ago with the new dentist, met her and talked with her about my dental woes and I decided she was pretty cool and her office was great, so I scheduled my dental visits with her.

Guess how much 3 filled cavities cost me yesterday?? $75 was my co-pay! I actually thought it was going to cost more than that, but hey, I'll take $75!

If there is a dental heaven...I'm in it!

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