Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

Hope you all have a fun safe day and weekend!

I'm am working today, tomorrow and Sunday, (and Monday at my other part time temporary gig)and then back to the grind on Tuesday - the rest is history...

I also start school Monday night at 7pm. WICKED COOL!

I'm sick of down pouring rain - have been caught in it ALL week!

I am taking Candice Stringham's SLR class through Jessica Sprague's website - BAD TIMING for me to take this class. I haven't even read past the welcome email. Plus there are assignments to do which require me to get off my ass and go do...crazy, but I'm not in the mood! Thank goodness the class material is available to me forevah!

Well, I'm off to the shower and get ready for work. At least it's somewhat of a short day!


Penny said...

School already? I thought that started in the fall. Good for you! Breakfast next weekend???

Tanya said...

I'm taking 1 class this summer to get it out of the way, it's a Law Office Computer class. Full time in September!