Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 24-30 No Shopping challenge...

Well, today's the last day of the no shopping challenge! Surprisingly, it wasn't too bad. Honestly, I cheated a couple times, but the lesson learned here was that 99% of the time, I could do without and I did without! I'm going to try to carry on my challenge for another month.

I'm in a generally pissy mood today - it's been a really long 2 weeks, I need a break from work, but I can't get in a mini-vaca right now. I have been helping a friend do some data entry work on Monday's which is going well - we work from 7am-3pm. If I were at home, I wouldn't do anything here at home except surf the net and read my fave blogs, the news, my mail, etc.

My pissiness stems from the fact that I didn't get shit for sleep last night. I do NOT like my sleep interrupted and just as I was about to fall asleep (approximately 10:45pm) our doorbell rings. There is 1 thing in the world that will KILL my sleep buzz and that is the telephone. The 2nd thing is muthah F'n DOORBELLS! Especially when I have to trek down 3 flights of stairs to see who the hell it is!

Let me back up to Thursday - we finally rented our 2nd floor apartment to a couple. I don't know anything about them other than their names - Paul took care of everything with them.

Forward to last night - DING DING goes my doorbell, I start to panic, wondering who is at the door. I go down there and who is it? OUR NEW TENANTS! 10:45pm - with a van, needing the keys and they are moving some stuff in! Let's just say that they probably did NOT want to meet me like that - I didn't mean to be a complete witch, but the situation warranted it.

I didn't sleep well, I got like 5 hours sleep, if that and to top it off, I was panicky all day and by 230 this afternoon, I raced home because I felt like puking my guts out. I have no idea why...I slept it off for a little bit, I still don't feel good.

What I do know is that my stress level is about to spill over.


Penny said...

I'm in pretty much the same place, everything is boiling over. I need someone to talk to... someone who can help me make sense of all the stuff that's going on. I've been brave and all that, making sure everyone around me is safe and happy. Can't continue until I get my head wrapped up right. Sometimes I don't think I took the events of 2007 as seriously as I should have. Deep sigh. We need breakfast (among other things). Sending a big hug and a sloppy kiss.

The Parsons Family said...

wow, you made it! I will do this one day! And as for sleep ... Im a shocker when I dont get enough too! Having 4 kids who sleep like crap, I can honestly say it has aged me!!!!!! May you get a good sleep in this weekend girl!!!!

Kate O'Brien said...

oh man. i'm horrible on little sleep. but i can't get any lately. seems all my mind does is race when i finally lay down.

hang in there girl!