Monday, June 23, 2008

Day 15-23 - No shopping challenge...

Another week has passed and I'm still doing good about not shopping...GO ME! 1 more week to go!

Nothing exciting to share, really. I've had a very long week at work with one of my girls in the hospital for the past 6 days. I've tried to scrap to take me to a happier place, creative side is bummed out.

However, weatherwise... this is what's rolling in right now! This is out my back porch.

OH and the wedding pics came out great...unbelievably, I'm just not in the mood to photoshop and share some of them yet. SOON!

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Penny said...

I hope your girl is on the mend. Must be hard for everyone... Thanks for the anniversary wishes! How far we've come in a year, huh???