Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I can't let another week go by!

Like Chels said..." wow, the longer you leave something the easier it is to just keep on leaving it!"

TRUE! ...and I probably would've waited 'til Friday to post again...but I couldn't allow myself to go that long!

I can't really think of a time when I have been any lazier than I have been as of late. I mean, I have been watching TV, people...for me -that is LAZY!! I normally do NOT watch tv, unless it's the 10pm news to fall asleep to at night. I probably watch less than 5 hours of tv a week. I got hooked on American Idol 3 seasons ago, so I watch that when it's on, I also watched Hell's Kitchen (barely) and The Next Food Network Star (GO AARON!) All 3 of those shows are over for the season, so for me to be watching much on tv is...well...not my thing!

I even skipped class last night - I really needed a break. Thankfully I only have 5 more classes to go. This class....I seriously could've taught it. The instructor is so dry and he is not very computer literate as far as I am concerned, for an attorney teaching a "Computers in the Law Office" class. I go to school Monday and Wednesday nights from 7p-10p - add an extra hour for commute time (30 min. each way) - I'm like the DEAD when heading home afterwards. August 13th...PLEASE GET HERE SOON!

Paul and I talked about doing some projects around the house over the next few months. Weekend projects, if you will. The biggies are to repaint our bedroom, the 3rd spare bedroom (that cat's room, really) and repaint our kitchen back to neutral colors. We finally got the "I LOVE DEEP SHADES OF RED IN THE HOUSE!" out of our system - UGH! Please shoot me if i ever! ever! ever! talk about how much I love red walls in my house! PUKE! But other than repainting, we just have to finish off the bathroom with some shelves and decor. The living room - it is all in a Tuscan theme and we need more decor in there too. We are pretty organized people, we don't have a ton of clutter...but we do have some stuff that we can get rid of and reorganize into simpler ways. We want to put another shelf out on the back porch, to help hold some tools and stuff so that we can have the other shelves for food storage. So exciting!

I have to go to work early everyday this week. I have 2 girls home on summer vacation. Today we're going to head up to Hampton Beach and go out to eat for dinner somewhere up there. My staff has it all planned out, I'm going along for the ride!

I promised myself I'd get back to the YMCA to go swimming, starting back this morning...(well we all know how that turned out!) I hate their summer schedule because it's full of swim lessons for the kids and less lap lanes for the adults, so I haven't been back there in like...Oh...2 months! Believe me, I feel it too - along with the 7 lbs I gained back! The only time worth going is early early in the mornings right now. This is a perfect opportunity to be going because I can go at 630am and be at work by 9am. Tomorrow...tomorrow!

Well, and speaking of work....I better get ready to go! Next post, I'll tell you about my Walgreen's experience from yesterday.


~Kristen~ said...

Your friend Chels is very wise!!! I have to keep reminding myself of that every day so that I stick to my walking program.

Hope you're doing well girl! Maybe we will meet up at AE soon! :-)

Penny said...

Chin up, girlie. Summer slumps are the pits but it's like a little mini-vacay for your head. Roll with it. You know you're strong. You'll beat it!

The Parsons Family said...

he he! you are a dag. "cats room" that made me laugh, and I know what ya mean about shades of red. I went through that with a house! The kitchen of my new house is red but I LOVE it! Happy painting, and happy swimming. Get back into it...and you made me smile quoting me!! You quoted ME!! he he!