Friday, August 1, 2008

I hate insomnia!

It's not quite midnight, I went to bed at 9:30pm with all hopes of catching some Z's and just getting in a good nights rest before working the last leg of my really crappy long week. Obviously my intentions were to watch some tv and pray it just put me to sleep. My freakin' cat, who has lost his mind - meows like he is senile and it didn't help that I was laying there trying to find a groove to fall asleep to, and he has to come in to bed meowing like he's lost his head.

I know Penny is reading this thinking "Tanya, go take some of those Tylenol PM's you bought". Yeah....Awwmmm...I tried them, they caused me to hallucinate and have super vivid dreams- I dreamed so much and so actively that I woke up exhausted. Robitussin does this to me too, as well as Nyquil.

If I sit here long enough, I'll eventually become tired [yawn] and go back to bed. Once I'm asleep, I'm's getting there that kills me. I've layed in bed for hours upon hours before - it sucks.

I went to get my eyes checked today - they are a little worse than last year. I picked out a new pair of glasses, they should be ready in like 7-10 days.

OK...let's go try this again....


Penny said...

Honey, why didn't you call me???? It's sucky, girl, I know. Seriously, if the Sleepy Tylenol isn't doing it for ya, talk to your doc and get something. Life is too short to sleep with ugly men, drink bad liquor, or have the stay-ups. Big hug.

Carol said...

Hey Tanya, Carol from scrappin diva's. Try some melatonin. You can get it at health food stores, or like Whole Foods if you have it in your area.

I can't take that other stuff either. But that stuff puts me out. I hate insomnia too, and I have it all the time.