Sunday, July 13, 2008

Like the old days!

Cruisin' down the highway, tops down in the Mustangs, headed to the Mendon Drive-In Theater! It's more than obvious that I am not a fan of convertibles, but sometimes in the summer, I have no choice but to LIKE IT and SHUT UP!

Kathy & Steve in tow...Mike, Olga and the kids are not far behind...

UGH! Messy windblown hair!

Happier than a pig in shit, I tell ya! He loves his convertible!

It was all worth it, to hang out at the drive-in (no...not making out, though I did PASS OUT!) We saw Hancock and Get Smart. I made it through half of Hancock and ZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!! Not because it was boring, I was actually into it, but I seriously worked my ass off at work all day Saturday, it was a recipe for disaster to stay up past 9pm, when the show started! I don't even remember Get Smart...

It was totally fun, seriously...even though Paul and I were tired and beat. Being with our friends is the most fun, Kathy, Steve, Olga and Michael and their 2 great kids - some of the best company EVAH! We got home at like 1:30am, maybe it was 2am. I crashed hard when we got home.

I used to go to the drive-in when I was a lot younger, in Paola, KS. I think it was called The Midway, I can't remember. I remember many of weekends spent watching great movies back in the day. To be honest, I think that getting a new release was very uncommon, too!

This morning, I had breakfast with my Breast Cancer Sistah's Debbie and Penny. As always, a great time talking, reminiscing, sharing stories...Love these girls, love getting together, love hanging out! i will get pictures next time!


~Kristen~ said...

Fabulous pics!!! How did I not know this drive-in existed?!?! I nominated you for a blog award! Check out my blog!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I am so envious...a mustang convertable is my dream car!!!
You were right in my neck of the woods. Didn't think people actually traveled that far to go to the drive in!!! :)

(I found your blog thru Kristen!)


Julie E. said...

Hi T. How are you doing? I had no idea they even had drive-ins anymore. What fun! LOVE the pics in the Mustang...wind blown hair and all...too cute!! Just wanted to say HI!!