Friday, July 11, 2008


OH, I love when I get Jessica Sprague in my inbox on Friday's! Today's Photoshop Friday was a SWEET trick for photos, she calls it her ShaZAM trick! Here you see a picture of a friend's little girl, is she not just the "cutest little dirty face girl", ever?



OK, check out the Life's Burning World Tour t-shirts... they just came in! This was Paul, Steve and Brian's band back in the day. Unfortunately, they've all moved on in separate musical directions, but remain great friends. Read the t-shirt...if you don't get it, nevermind!



Tenant Update: Paul had a sit-down talk with the guy and told him he would give him time to sort through things, that he understands that it takes time [yeah, like the time it took to accumulate all that shit!?!] to get settled, etc. Paul also just reiterated the fact that we expect that they do remove at least 75% of their stuff to external storage somewhere. The guy did say he had been working a lot and we know that he had been doing all of the moving himself, he also said it's mostly his girlfriend who "saves" stuff. But that he would definitely work on things. Paul gave him until August 1 to see major improvement. [We'll see! I just want to point out that our halls in the front and back stink like hot musty old garbage, like a stench is in the air...]

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Penny said...

OMG, that t-shirt is too cool. Got extras?