Sunday, August 24, 2008

Karma's a BITCH!

This is my Gutter Girlz Challenge #5 LO. The prompt is Blabber Mouth, Technique: Duct tape and the song is: Break Stuff by Limp bizkit. I actually incorporated all 3 this time - Blabber Mouth is a given, I have duct tape on my mouth and the song lyrics are incorporated into an overlay into the LO! I had a wicked bad week - my car got broken into on Wednesday night/Thursday AM and my car window got knocked out, my glove box and console was shuffled through and the stupid fucks stole my XM radio. HELLO! XM is no good to you unless you have a subscription. DOPES! I'm sure they thought it was an iPod or MP3 player or something. WhatEv - I'm over it now- window fixed, car clean, it's all good.

Journaling reads:
This is to the bitches that broke into my car the other night and broke my window, rifled through my glove box and console and then stole the ONLY THING that wasn't worth jack shit in my car. I hope that you realized your stupidity when you realized my XM radio wouldn't get you very far. You're fucking stupid and I got 4 words for ya...Karma is a BITCH! Remember that!

Went to the Dr. about that strange sun-poisoning on my chest. He RX'd me some cream and referred me to the Dermatologist, however I was already one step ahead of him as I had already made an appt. with one, not that I could get in for 3 weeks! Good thing I wasn't in dyer need of medical help or anything!

Well, that's it for now. I have a bad headache and need to step away from the computer for awhile!


rachel whetzel said...

Hmmmm seems that a lot of our prompts are "perfect" timing... I wonder if our luck would change if we changed our challenges? lol SUCH a bummer about your CAR!!!

~Shirley said...

so sorry about your car,that really sucks!! This layout however, rocks!!

Christine said...

love the layout. i hate when things go wrong-hope they are looking up!

~Kristen~ said...

I love this layout but I am sorry it had to come out of something shitty happening. And thanks for turning me on to the Gutter Girlz site! I started to check it out the other day and have so much more to look at.

~*AMY*~ said...

hey girlie!!!

love LOVE your gutter challenge lo! did you go digi girl? i must have missed that...but shit, you are rockin' the digi!

sorry your car got broken in to...stupid bitches, they probably thought they really got something good too (eye roll)...welp your right, karma is a bitch...a fucking bitch sometimes!

latte_grande said...

Crap! So sorry about your poor car...maybe the idiots who did it will be stampeded by runaway clowns or swallowed by a whale, or something. LOVE the layout!!!

Julie E. said... sorry your layout!!!