Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vacation Day 8, 9, & 10

Vacation Day 8 - Saturday - Cynthia and I rode our bikes out at Deer Island in the early afternoon and later Paul suckered me into going down to the Boston Hatch Shell for the KC and the Sunshine Band summer finale - he also had to video numerous parts of the show for Oldies 103.3 - sponsors, VIP peeps, other important peeps, KC himself, plus part of the concert. Let me just tell you...there were WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE THERE FOR MY COMFORT LEVEL! Lucky I was on the backstage side, where there were a whole lot less freaks. I was so glad to get the hell out of there or I might have clawed my neck off. We met up with Steve and Kathy afterwards for a few drinks at Uno's. I have pics, will share later.

Speaking of pics though, I did upload my Anheuser-Busch Brewery pics to my Flickr.

Vacation Day 9 - Sunday - I put together a book at Shutterfly for my mom for her birthday, took me all day! Can't wait to get the books!

Vacation Day 10 - Monday - well...the last day of my vacation...I hung out most of the day, scrapbooked a little and Paul and I went to Cafe Escadrille for dinner. Really nice place up in Burlington, MA. Great food, cold beer!

And today - the dreaded day. I have to go back to work! I actually missed it a little. I have a lot of work to do when I get in this afternoon, but I'm prepared because I checked my email already and I listened to my messages on my voice mail already too. I already know what I need to take care of right away. So be it...the last 10 days were definitely great!

OH and I signed up for an aqua aerobics class for this fall at the YMCA and I'll DEFINITELY get my ass back there to swim this week now that the schedule changed and no more massive amounts of kiddy swim lessons!


Gawain said...

Hey girl! Just stopping by to say hi! Check out my blog--I got a new kitten for Singe. Yes, I am nuts, lol.

Julie E. said...

Hey girl...wow your vacation went by too fast!! LOL Sounds like you got some much needed time though! Good for you. My blog hasn't been working for some reason. It wouldn't allow me to post any new post's. I'm going to try again today..we'll see. Figures!!