Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vacation Day 1 & 2

Vacation Day 1 - Saturday - Got up early to go to Merrimack, NH with Steve, Kathy, Natasha & John to the Anheuser-Bush Brewery. We went on a cool tour, enjoyed a few new flavors they offer, bought said new flavors at their little gift shop and then headed over to On The Border for a bite to eat before Kathy, Steve, Paul and I parted ways with Tasha & John. We went to Kathy's sisters house for a bit and then ended up back over at Tasha & Johns for a nightcap before we came home and passed out from a day of partying!

It was a great time and I'll share pics when I have a little free time to sort through them this week. The brewery is SO CLEAN and well maintained. I mean, as it should be, but was amazing. AND, those Clydesdale's - they have it good, too! Beautiful, clean's definitely a horse's heaven!

Vacation Day 2 - Sunday - Lazy bum all day - hung out in my pj's all day, and SHOULD HAVE BEEN working on my final paper for my Computers in the Law Office class, but sat here all day and tried to organize my scrapbooking supplies on ACDSee and got through only half my supplies in 6 hours before I felt like throwing myself out the window in a TORRENTIAL downpour of rain! Does it ever stop? I am so sick of rain - I feel like I live in Ireland, everything is so green!
Seriously, tomorrow I need to get my act together on this paper, because class is done and over with on Wednesday and I've put off my final paper til now. I work better under pressure anyways. Done Wed. and back in, full-time Sept. 3rd.

Tomorrow's plans are to work on my paper, go to my 6 mo. post-radiation follow up Dr. appt and go pick up my new glasses. OH and if the weather has a glimpse of sun, walking Deer Island needs to be in my plans, too! Full day ahead!

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