Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vacation Day 3 & 4

Day 3 - Monday - I paced the house all day in a tizzy over this paper I have to write for my computer class, that is due Wed. along with a power point presentation and well, a presentation about our paper. I didn't get anywhere with the paper until i went to class at 7pm and then I finally got a little clearance on "what" the instructor wanted to see in the paper. He's an attorney, so sometimes its hard to read him.

I've also spent about 10 hours so far, working on organizing my ACDSee program for all of my digi supplies...this is a lot of work!

Day 4 - Tuesday - paper is written and I haven't done anything all day other than put a few final touches on the paper and am getting ready to work on my power point presentation and get it finished. I'll preview everything tomorrow and make any final adjustments and call it good.

Finished organizing my ACDSee - it is truly amazing how much better this makes organizing my supplies so that I can see them all right there in anyway or combo I want! I almost can't wait to scrap!

Tomorrow, I'll clean our office and organize my scrap stuff in there - starting to get cluttered. Then I am going to prepare to paint our bedroom + kitty room on Thursday and Friday. I really want to get that done.

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