Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

IF she had a computer, she'd appreciate that I said Happy Birthday to her on my blog, but then she'd go..." A blog? What the hell is that?" This coming from a 59 yr. old woman who just realized that it might be a good idea to have a cell phone "for emergencies" - then she calls me all hours of the day on her new cell phone because she has a ton of minutes to use. HELLO!?!?!?

So, I made her this really kickass book for her birthday from Shutterfly. It's the Ali Edwards Celebrate Everyday Photo Book. It's all set up, drag and drop your pics in, add text and send it off to be printed. I got it done early, even ordered one for myself too.

The crappy part of it is...I sent it UPS, it cost me freakin' $12 and it's still not delivered! I had to go to UPS the other day to send off a textbook that I sold, then I thought why not, I'll just send this UPS too and save me a trip to the Post Office. Low and behold, the UPS store's computer was down, so I waited, the lady was so nice, that I hung in there for 30 minutes since I didn't want to be a jerk and say I was going to go to the PO. I mean she was nice...but then I'm waiting for her computer to reboot and process all this, it comes to $12 and she tells me of course AFTER I PAID that it should get there Sept. 2 - I was all like, Christ I just paid 2X the amt. of money to ship this when I could have done priority in a flat rate priority box for $8 (or less) and she'd have had it in 4 days. I'll so be over this when she gets the book and she's all giddy and happy, but I really wanted her to have it by TODAY! I'll call her today and tell her that something special is coming her way, but UPS is SLOW!

No plans for today...I start school on Wednesday, I still need to buy one more book (the $140 USED one!) I'll have spent over $400 on books this semester! AND, I rented 2 of them! I go ON-CALL starting tomorrow - OH FUCKING JOY! After this past weekend's staffing issues (and I wasn't on-call but got sucked in) I'm already hating this new part of my job. I get really pissed off about people who don't give a shit. People who only think of themselves and not the impact they cause when they call-out without enough notice, don't show up for work or they are REALLY late.

Happy September! As far as I'm concerned it is officially fall!


~Kristen~ said...

Happy September indeed!!! Girl, I swear we really must have been separated at birth!!! LOL If you get a chance get over to Christmas Tree Shop....fall has literally exploded in there!!! I just got back from there and went nuts buying up the place...buying stuff that, of course, I don't need, but what the hell!!!! It is FALL!!!!!

Penny said...

I am just ITCHING to go back to school... I'm envious as hello. I know, I know, "just do it." Happy Birthday to your mom. Only 29 days until Pink Month begins.