Tuesday, September 2, 2008


So, I had my 1 year f/u with my surgeon today since my cancer was removed a hair over a year ago. The visit went great and we talked about things that I'll come back to. My MRI had come back normal (from 3/17/08) but I had not had a mammogram in 10 months. I had the option of doing it today or coming back in a couple weeks. I said let's do it today, not much was going to be different if I waited a couple weeks, right?
OH MY GAWD! Now, I had a mammogram a couple months after my surgery last year and it never hurt this bad (it was uncomfortable...but I was ok!) Today? OUCH! I cried. I headed for the trash can right after she took the first images of my right breast. It's obvious that the effects of radiation are still lingering in there. My left, I wasn't so pitiful.
Eh well, I survived and no other images were needed and I was sent on my merry way with a "see ya in 6 months" goodbye! The nurse said the radiologists said everything looked normal at this time. WHEW!

Now, if you remember that I had that consult with my OB/GYN for my tubal and I decided that I didn't like her...well I talked to my surgeon today who doesn't do this kind of surgery herself, but gave me a couple great recommendations for a couple Dr's that might work out. So I have some calls to make.

In other news...I have a co-worker that is around my age...and she had an appt. to go for a mammogram (not sure why, if it was a baseline or if she had felt something) but I kept asking her about the appt. each month when I'd see her at our monthly meetings, the appt. hadn't come up yet. I saw her recently and asked how it went, and she told me she chickened out and didn't go. She says she is afraid of results (whether good or bad) and I hope that my pep talk and daily emails encourage her to change her mind, I even offered to go with her to an appt. as I understand the importance of these visits.

And in other news...Paul and I frequent a local restaurant and we met this young girl that waited on us quite a few times. Nice girl, about 25 years old. We ask for her every time we go there. The last time we were there, her section was full, and we sat in another servers section, but she came to talk with us and dropped the bomb that she, a 25 yr. old mother of 2, wife to a great husband, has ovarian cancer in one of her ovaries. I felt so bad for her. I didn't get a chance to get all the details, but quickly offered my phone number and email and asked her to call on me anytime. I've only heard from her a couple times in email. In fact, I will call her tomorrow, to see how she is doing.

I'm back in school tomorrow.

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Penny said...

My God,there's heartbreak and sadness everywhere. You're reaching out and that's so wonderful... it's too bad we didn't have us a year ago, huh??