Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy First Day of Fall!

It's officially here! ...and the weather is a perfect fall day here in Boston. Nice and crisp, slight breeze and there is just that *fireplace* kind of smell in the air!

Here are some photos at work, we went out to Russell Orchards this past Saturday up in Ipswich with the girls. It was one of those days where nothing could go right, Russell's was PACKED - like more than usual and we couldn't get the girls up in the general store (no room for wheelchairs) so we did our usual picnic in the entrance area and we went up to buy apple cider and cider donuts and scones and enjoyed the music that was playing in the background. We bought an apple pie (ready to bake) and some more cider to take home and we also grabbed a couple huge corn stalks to make our outdoor fall decor complete at the house. Here are some pictures! The last part of decorating at my work is pumpkins. We'll grab those in a couple weeks.

I can't believe it had been a week already since I last posted. Long week, I guess and getting ready for another long weekend ahead of me. I slept in until like 11:30am yesterday (funny story about that coming) and Paul said to me yesterday he felt like he needed to go check my pulse because I never sleep that late! (true!!)

I had a LONG week last week, I was literally exhausted from the Cape the prior weekend, school and work and all things that are a part of life. But I felt like extra exhausted towards the end of the week, I literally was dragging ass to get through the last few days.

Paul: "Did you like the coffee you had last week" (meaning like Thurs & Fri)
Me: "Yeah, why?"
Paul: "You didn't notice anything different about it at all?"
Me: "WTF did you do to the coffee?"
Paul: "You didn't think it tasted different?"
Me: "Not really, what did you do?" (I'm thinking he mixed some of his parents coffee with ours to make it last longer, maybe we were running low)
Paul: "It was Decaf!"

end of funny story.


Julie E. said... crack me up girl!!! Decaf wasn't so bad huh?! Glad you got to sleep in. Sounds like you've been crazy busy!! We went to an orchard this last weekend up at my family's in IL. It was a lot of fun. Hugs!! Julie

Penny said...

Sneaky man...

The Parsons Family said...

oh you are making me miss Fall! Upstate NY was so amazing. Ohhh I miss it! WE are in that crazy Spring weather where it doesnt know whether to be cold or hot, so it just does windy and a bit of both! CArve a pumpkin for me!!!