Wednesday, September 10, 2008

School...week 2

Week 2 is about to come to an end. The work is starting to pile up. YIKES! I do have quite a bit of homework to do this week...nothing I can't handle. I might have to leave the wedding party to go study on Saturday, I have a lot of reading to do. [wink]

I'm starting to get in a routine and settle in though. I really dig learning about legal stuff and law and all that comes with it (especially criminal law). All of this isn't new to me really, as I have a B.S. in Criminal Justice and Psychology. The material is presented in a slightly different way. I'm back in my niche.

There is a link on the right side of my blog now, that asks if you follow my blog! Let me know if you are a regular reader here, would love to know who all visits here! Fun new gadget!

Paul already left for the Cape, so I get the bed to myself for the next 2 nights! I'm gonna hog the whole bed and sleep with the window WIDE OPEN! I might even leave all the lights on and turn the fan on HIGH!

OH wait, I have something funny to, I got to work today and I saw one of our big trash cans like almost in the middle of the driveway and I park my car, get all my stuff out of the car and head over to the trash can to move it back to the side of the house and as I put my hand on the handle a little raccoon pops it's head up at me! OMG! I screamed like a school girl! Poor little guy was stuck in there. So I came back out and tipped the trash can over so he could get out. He waddled away quickly. Looks like he was stuck in there for quite a while. He was was cute though! I think the surprise of the raccoon being in there was the shocker. Where I work, it comes with the territory of being out in a wooded area. We see all kinds of interesting creatures! Oh and I was too chicken shit to get a picture of him, because I didn't know if it'd freak him out. I don't play well with wild animals.

That's all the excitement for today!

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Julie E. said...

OMG..the racoon story made me LOL!!